About us

The Dallas Gem and Mineral Society is an educational organized to promote:

  • Interest, knowledge and skill in the lapidary arts and in the art of metal working, embodying the use of polished gems and minerals when appropriate.
  • Interest in the collection and study of rocks and minerals, to increase knowledge of geology and related earth sciences, including the holding of an annual show.
  • Fellowship and cooperation, the sharing of common interests and a better understanding of the activities of the members.

Monthly meetings – 3rd Tuesdays

Monthly board meetings – 2nd Tuesdays Place: to be announced

2018 show – November 17th & 18th at the Mesquite Rodeo Hall

BROCHURE – Dallas Gem and Mineral Society

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2 thoughts on “About us

  1. I visited the Perot museum recently and was told that Geodes could be found in the Dallas area. I seem to remember the person saying something like the corner of Loop 12 and Jefferson – in a park. Question, is there an area where one can uncover Geodes in Dallas?

    • Please check with our member, Donald Slater, who owns Nature’s Gallery, on the old Downtown Square in Carrollton. He is an experienced rock hunter for the Dallas area and knows of locations for the geodes (Septarian Nodules) you seek.

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