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46 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. I would like to join your club. Since I missed your meeting last night, are you having a monthly meeting in December?

    • We did have a December meeting. Typically it is a party with round robin gifting, and loads of food.
      Gerald Pennington

  2. Would you please forward my request to your dealer chair for your 2014 annual show? I would like to find out if there is room for one more mineral dealer. Katy & Don Scroggins (KD Enterprises) will vouch for me. I was in the booth next to them at the show in Oklahoma City earlier this month. I can furnish references from other shows as well. I feature rhodochrosite, dioptase, fluorite, chalcopyrite, and many other minerals and fossils.
    I recently completed a 2-year term as Treasurer of the Denver Gem & Mineral Show in September. I am on the Boards of two of the Denver-area Mineral Clubs as well as the Board of the Friends of the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum. Just trying to say that I am a credible person.
    Thanks, Bill Jones (Sidewinder Minerals, Aurora, Colorado)

  3. Hi
    I am looking for a 24-36″ slab saw.
    How would I approach your membership to inquire if anyone has one for sale?
    John Fisco

    • Member Gerald Pennington is waiting on telephone number and address for two 36″ saws at this time. Keep in touch with DGMS.

  4. Hi –

    I have a jade heirloom pendant from my great-grandmother that was recently broken into 3 pieces. I would love to get it repaired by someone in Dallas. Luckily it was a pretty clean break (the pendant looks like a pen).

    Could you recommend someone in Dallas who I could contact?

    Thank you for your help!



    • I do not know of anyone in this Club or the other two clubs to which I belong which can handle your question professionally. From watching Antiques Roadshow, I know there are professional restorers but I have no idea where to look nor how expensive it would be.
      The simplest, and cheapest answer to your question is, if you have all the pieces and they are clean breaks with no debris from the breaks, a permanent glue used in setting some cabochons could be recommended, for example E600, Super Glue, or a clear two part epoxy.


      Gerald Pennington

    • Bill, I have just sent your information to our Club Secretary so you may be kept informed.
      Gerald Pennington

  5. Hello my name is Samuel. I have a couple of rocks that I have found and I was wondering if this is a place that could help me identify it?

    Thanks Samuel Beaver

    • Our Club Shop is open Monday nights, Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings. You are always welcome to stop by, bring your rocks for identification, and check out our Club Shop.

      Gerald Pennington

  6. To whom it may concern regarding gem stones and artifacts:

    My name is Vicki Cosgrove and am very interested in having several items appraised. I feel that contacting a gem and stone business would not be beneficial to my inquires that I have.
    I am in possession of very old primitive artifacts as well as a 11″x8″x6″ rock with evidence of being amethyst.
    Please contact me with any available information regarding this or a possible contact which could assist me.
    Contact information:
    Vicki Cosgrove
    GM Communication, PR
    (972) 741-5995

    • I am not aware of a Club Member who appraises such items. You may bring your items to our Club Shop which is open Monday nights, Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings. We are very familiar with Amethyst.

      Gerald Pennington

  7. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am an Earth and Space Science teacher at Little Elm High Scool. My goal with this course is to expose my students to a variety of careers and studies that directly correlate with the class. I am interested in finding a guest speaker to come into my classroom and speak on gemology. Please let me know who I need to contact our what avenues I need to explore to find a guest speaker. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your swift reply.

    Marcia Gaston

    • Marcia,
      We have a couple of retired teachers in our Club who have made presentations in the past.
      I also know a couple who are in various gem & mineral clubs and I see them at various rock & mineral shows who give presentations on a regular basis in a classroom setting. I have seen one of their presentations and it is quite polished. Their information follows:

      Mary & Steve Hilliard
      PO BOX 418
      Decatur, TX 76234


      Gerald Pennington

  8. Good afternoon. My name is Mark Stein and I am inquiring about your organization. I am in the software industry and have recently developed an interest in mineralogy.

    Would there be a difference between your club and Pleasant Oaks? Also, do you offer classes on topics such as mineral identification, polishing, tools, etc.? I am interested in meeting others who are involved in field trips and classes centering around mineralogy and rock hounding. Would it be possible for me to visit during your next monthly meeting?

    I look forward to your response.

    Mark Stein

    • Our Club is always open to visitors! We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month, and our meeting location has changed. The place we met at University of Texas at Dallas has been converted to office space, so we have moved back to our old location, next door to our Shop, at the American Legion.
      Our Club Shop is open Monday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. You are always welcome to drop in, say hello, take a look around, and ask us for a tour of our Shop. We have all the equipment to cut rocks, polish rocks into cabochons, and we have classes in other areas such as wire wrapping cabochons, silversmithing, faceting, chain mail, etc.
      The main difference between our Club and Pleasant Oaks is that we have our own Shop loaded with all the equipment you need. You may use our equipment after taking the Qualifying Class. The hourly fee for using any of the equipment is presently set at $4 per hour.


      Gerald Pennington

  9. My name is Joe and I came across some uncut gemstones while overseas. I am going to be back in Dallas next week and was wondering if you are able to help me by determining what they are. If you are unable to do so maybe you can point me in the right direction. Thank you

    • We have several members who do faceting, and generally at the Club Shop during open hours. These members would be able to identify your gemstones. The Club Shop is open Monday nights, Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings.

      We also have a GIA certified member who can do gem identification, and we are affiliated with one other person with GIA certification who normally does gem identification at our annual show in November.

      Gerald Pennington

  10. I Belonged to your society about 4 or 5 years ago. I am disabled and unable to do my craft anymore. I have many tools, a jewelry bench, polishers, grit, steam cleaner and many other things. Would anyone be interested in buying all or part?

    Stanley W. Burchell
    3321 Luisa Lane
    Alvarado, Tx 76009
    Home phone: 817-783-2292
    Cell phone: 817-680-6515

    • We have a number of members who would probably have an interest. I will forward this information to our Club Secretary for distribution to our members.

      Gerald Pennington

  11. Hi!
    I would like to exhibit at the Dallas Gem and Mineral Societies annual show in September . I make and sell intricate wire wrap jewelry, and I also sell a wide variety of high grade all natural minerals for jewelry and specimens. Please send me information on exhibiting this year.
    Thank you,
    Everett Herring
    Rage Facets

    • We have another annual show coming up November 22-23, 2014, at Rodeo Exhibit Hall in Mesquite. You may contact our dealer chairman, David Pirnie,
      I know we are almost full again this year.


      Gerald Pennington

  12. I am thinking of purchasing a Larimar slab that will need to be polished and cut and probably made into a pendant. The size is 76 mm x 56 mm and 10.5 mm thick and weighs 115 gms. Do you have a name of anyone who can do this for me?

    • The Club has “open shop” Monday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings, when members are busy using the Club’s machines to slab and polish rocks. Any number of people may be willing to cut and polish your Larimar slab.
      Alternatively, Donald Slater, who owns Nature’s Gallery in old downtown Carrollton on the Square does this for his profession.
      Nature’s Gallery
      1102 S. Elm Street
      Carrollton, TX 75006
      (972) 446-1994


      Gerald Pennington

  13. I have a question for any of your members about a stone I have in my possession and have cut a few slabs off. Until this weekend I never paid much attention to the rock which appears to be goldstone. It was in a collection of obsidian I purchased at an auction many years ago. To the best of my knowledge the rocks came from one of the northwestern states around Montana and Oregon. Looking goldstone up online I find that it is manmade by most opinions. I am hoping that you or someone can help me determine if what I have is a naturally formed goldstone.

    • Goldstone is truly a man made stone. It gained popularity a few decades ago along with the legend that it was only made by a monastery of monks in Italy. There ia a great variety of obsidian, with various inclusions but I have not heard of a natural obsidian being called goldstone.
      You are welcome to bring your rocks/slabs to our “open shop” to pass around and get the opinions of our club members. Some of our members are geologists, while others are just experienced rockhounds who know their rocks.
      Our Club Shop is located at 10205 Plano Road, Dallas, Texas 75238.
      We have “open shop” on Monday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. You are always welcome to stop in, take a look around, visit with our members, and of course ask for a tour of our shop.


      Gerald Pennington

  14. Hi–this may be a long shot but I’m helping my son try to locate a Jim Ferguson. He had a shop years ago here in Dallas and when my son Jared was young we spent a lot of time there–at his Olla Padrida location and then when he moved to Arapaho and Coit. Jim educated him and we bought a lot of my son’s collection from him. My son in now 27 and asked me if I had any contact info on Jim. I thought maybe he was affiliated with y’all when he had his shop and y’all may still be in touch. If you could send me an e-mail or call me at 972 404-1060 I would appreciate it–whether you do or don’t know him–thanks!! Eileen Scheib

    • Eileen, we found Jim Ferguson. Since this is a public website, I am sending his information to you privately via email.
      Gerald Pennington
      Dallas Gem & Mineral Society

  15. I’m trying to find anyone that can cut slabs out of this petrified cypress stump i have.Its about 18 inches across maby bigger.its in my storage unit at this time but I’m going to want this done in the near future.I’m thinking it will render 4-5 slabs 5 inches thick

    • Dallas Gem & Mineral Society has diamond blade saws that range up to 24 inches. However, a 24 inch saw will generally only cut slabs up to 6 3/4″ high by 18 inches deep. If the tree stump is 18 inches in diameter it will probably require a larger lapidary saw.


      Gerald Pennington

  16. I have an agate about 9″x8″. Can your club polish it for me?

    Thank you


    • The 8″ X 9″ agate that you want polished probably needs to be polished on the flat surface. This requires a machine we call a “flat lap”. The Club does not have a flat lap machine. However, some of our individual members own flat lap machines.
      Gerald Pennington

  17. I live on Duck Creek in Garland about 1/2 mile upstream of where the Mosasaur was found. My son found another fossil 150 feet north of the Kingsley Road bridge in Garland. We have not received a response from the Perot museum after sending them photos of the exposed fossils. My brother inquired about it to some sort of paleontologist society. They have seen it and said it was too exposed and more than likely not enough to dig. I am not interested in this type of find. Would your members be interested in photos? This area is not privately owned but is controlled by the Corps of Engineers (probably city owned). Could be a nice field trip.

    • We have a number of members who are very knowledgeable about fossils. Two of our members in particular worked for years preparing the Mosasaur and we just had a presentation to our Club by Darlene from Heard Museum about the Mosasaur which is almost ready to go on display at the Heard Museum. You may bring your fossils and photos to our monthly meetings to pass around and show our members. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7-9pm at 10205 Plano Road, Dallas, Texas 75238, next door to our Shop at the American Legion Hall. You are also welcome to visit during our “open shop” on Monday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings.
      Another good resource is to visit the Dallas Paleontology Club meeting which is held monthly at Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch.


      Gerald Pennington

  18. I am a gem and mineral/fossil collector. I have purchased a few different sized geodes and didn’t know if, for a fee, you could cut them for me or direct me to someone who could.
    Thank you!

    • Visit our Shop during “open shop” hours and there will probably be a member willing to cut some geodes for you.
      Open Shop hours are Monday evenings 6-9pm, Thursday evenings 6-9pm, and Saturday mornings 8am-noon.

      Gerald Pennington

  19. Hello!
    May I have a space at. Your shows, I sell assorted. Beads. And rocks.
    Thank you very much.

    • There is not much space left at our annual show, November 22-23, 2014. Please contact David Pirnie, to find out if there is any space available.

      Gerald Pennington

  20. Please contact me. I have an 8yo son who has been collecting for a while now. I would like to talk with someone about the organization. Thank you.

    • There is no Junior Program at this time. However, parents and children are encouraged to join the Club together, take classes together, and go on any field trips together.

  21. Hello i am looking for silversmithing classes for and i have heard through the grapevine that you guys can direct me to artists who teach such things.
    Thank you
    Mitch McCormack

    • Dallas Gem & Mineral Society offers an introductory silversmithing class, often called “Silversmithing on the Cheap” to let new students experience silversmithing to see if it is really something they want to invest their time and money in.
      For more advanced silversmithing, please see the Arlington Gem & Mineral Club. They offer three levels of silversmithing: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each class is 6 months long and meets weekly.

  22. I attended the meeting last night, and will be joining today at the work shop qualifying class. I am interested in supporting discussions on the partnership with UTD. I was looking at the UTD web site. They have a continuing education policy and an outreach and services program. It may be possible to have a continuing education type class that any public could enroll that would be based around a lab use. There could be several sticking points:
    – cost to the participants (the class/program has to be self funding including facilities and teacher costs)
    – the “teachers” may have to become UTD employees
    – hours that it could be open
    – non standard schedule
    – how to handle people who want to use it infrequently
    Depending on how it works out it could provide benefits to the Society and the university
    I would be interested in working with any group to that is having discussions.

    • Hi Ted,
      Thanks for the feedback. Please join us during any of our “open shop” hours to discuss this with our members. Now that you are a member of our Club you are also welcome to sit in on our monthly Board meeting to bring this up as a topic for discussion.
      Gerald Pennington

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