Random Thoughts & Stuff “EASTER EGGS?!?

Rock hunting is like an Adult Easter egg hunt

But you do not eat the eggs!

The passion for finding, forming, and possession of precious and semi-precious stones can be a life long obsession.   We gather, trade, buy and even hoard things we deem worth having.

Most of us can remember where we acquired almost every piece.  Whether our collection is big or small, we find value in it.  Rocks are everywhere.  We need to document their worth, so they don’t end up as driveway paving stones. We need to share and educate everyone about our planets rocks and gems.

If you are interested in learning, join a rock and gem group like Dallas Gem & Mineral Society.   We will teach you how to turn a big rock into shiny little rocks or jewelry “worth keeping”.  We arrange rock hunts to find such potential hidden gems.

We welcome visitors to our monthly meetings or to come tour our shop.  You are never too old or too young to pick up a new interest.

You are welcome to join us or any other group